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Rainbow Seaweed Flakes Recipes

Umami Vegetarian Dumplings

Umami Vegetarian Dumplings

The foundation (based recipe and folding method) of these dumplings are taught to me by my mother (a.k.a the Dumpling Queen). These vegetarian dumplings are great to prepare ahead and defrost when needed. They are easy to make and great for kids to get involved. This recipe is crunchy, umami and flavourful. The folding looks hard but you will look like a pro once you get the hang of it!

Overnight Oats with Seaweed Flakes

A quick and easy breakfast solution for working adults, school kids or anyone who’s looking to start their day with a healthy meal. This recipe does not only help to simplify your morning routine; it is also a great way to increase your daily fibre intake.

Chickpea and Kale Salad with Seaweed Seasoning

Heading back to the office for work? We have a great packed lunch idea for you! This chickpea and kale salad is nutritious, well-balanced, and easy to make. As we know that work can get a bit hectic sometimes and all you need is a fuss-free lunch. As kale salads store better than most delicate leafy vegetable salads, you can prepare this salad the night before and bring it to work the next day.