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Sprinkle a little health and flavour on every meal

100% natural nutritious snacks and flavour boosters
made from sustainably sourced seaweed.


Did you know that seaweed absorbs carbon dioxide while producing more than half of the oxygen we breath? Seaweed doesn’t need soil to grow, it is fast growing and nutrient dense… and did we mention it tastes good?

Alg Seaweed sources high quality seaweeds from around the world, they are organically farmed and sustainably wild harvested. A true superfood that benefits our health and the planet.


Seaweed is naturally high in nutrients. It literally soaks up all the important minerals that are beneficial to health. 

Iodine is the most notable mineral found in seaweed. It is an essential nutrient to help to maintain thyroid health and is crucial for brain development in babies and young children. This is why getting adequate iodine during pregnancy and breastfeeding is critical for the mother and baby. It is alarming that up to 68% of women do not meet that requirement. Alg Seaweed is here to help.


Umami, is the fifth basic taste alongside sweet, sour, salty and bitter. It is a very powerful flavour enhancer. Seaweed offering a deep, savour element. The flavour of seaweed carries a depth of umami and makes any meal flavour-full.

Alg Seaweed condiments are easy to use and made with all-natural ingredients. Just sprinkle them on your everyday meal from eggs, rice or vegetables to get an instant flavour boost.

Want an afternoon pick me up? Try the bite-size Alg Seaweed Seedy Bites!

Best Sellers

"Seedy Bites are Delicious"

The Seedy Bites are delicious! I would definitely buy due to the healthy ingredients and the addition of seaweed – a well balanced, healthy and filling snack.


"Seaweed Flakes for Flavour"

The Rainbow Seaweed Salt is such a lovely alternative to regular table salt. And I found that I only needed to use a small amount of the Rainbow Seaweed Flakes to pack a great amount of flavour to the dish!


"Can't Live Without it"

I’m in love with Alg Seaweed 😍 . I’ve enjoyed sprinkling it on all my dishes!! I don’t think I can ever live without it 😆


A Note from Sarah


After many years of practising as a dietitian, I’ve found my true north which is to create healthy foods and share my passion for cooking.

Seaweed to me is nostalgic, yummy and of course, nutritious. I hope this humble food will also bring you health and adds new flavours to your meals every day!

Let’s start creating delicious food memories!


Sarah Leung
Founder, Chief Dietitian and Seaweed Enthusiast

Alg Seaweed founder - sarah leung