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Introducing All-New Seaweed
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Our Promise: Delicious Flavours & Honest Nutrition

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Made for Umami Lovers

Make everything you eat more delicious. Sprinkle some on your brekkie. Then some on dessert. Soon, you’ll want to sprinkle it on everything. Our Rainbow-Seaweed blend has reduced sodium compared to table salt.

For Healthy Mums & Kids

Iodine is essential for young kids’ physical growth and brain development. Expecting and breastfeeding mothers need it for kids’ healthy development. Seaweed is a great source of iodine.

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Reduce Iodine Deficiency Risk

Iodine is essential for supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid. Over a million Australians suffer from undiagnosed iodine deficiency. Seaweed is a good source of iodine.

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100% Natural, Safe & Sustainable

All our products are made from 100% natural whole foods. We use organic wild-harvested and sustainably farmed Seaweed from Australia and Europe. All seaweed is tested for heavy metals for your safety.

Made by Melbourne Dietitian, Sarah Leung

“During my private practice, many people came to see me for weight loss. As I looked beyond food and exercise, I realised a significant number of my clients had thyroid conditions, especially hypothyroidism, a condition that can be caused by iodine deficiency. Hypothyroidism can cause fatigue, cold extremities and sluggish metabolism and for many, the only treatment is to be on long-term thyroid medication.

At that time, I was of childbearing age and was extra-curious about prenatal nutrition. Iodine requirements almost double during pregnancy and breastfeeding, this is to support the mother’s thyroid function and the baby’s brain development including IQ. I was shocked to find out that up to 68% of pregnant women are not meeting their iodine requirements.”

Bite it, Sprinkle it or Cook With it

Our condiments and snacks go beautifully with any meal.
You decide when you want to bite on the chocolates – before or after your meal 😊

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Chocolate and Seaweed Salt Frappe

There’s Something in Store for Everyone

Healthy Bite-Sized Snacks

  • Lower sugar compared to regular snack bars.
  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • 60% iodine RDI* per snack bar.

Nutritious Umami Seasoning

  • Lower sodium than table salt
  • Natural umami flavour booster
  • Available as Salt, Flakes & Furikake
Alg Seaweed Chocolates

Indulgent Handmade Chocolates

  • Made in Melbourne, from bean to bar
  • Fairtrade cocoa beans & Australian raw cane sugar
  • Light seaweed sprinkles

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Nothing Fishy About our
Rainbow Seaweed™ Blend

Made from 5 Australian & European varieties of seaweed

Sea Lettuce
Winged Kelp

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