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Whipped Goat’s Cheese with Seaweed Flakes

This is a simple recipe you can whip up in under 10 minutes. You can use it as a dip for crackers and vegetable sticks or as a spread on toasted bread.

Pan Seared Scallops with Seaweed & Chilli Butter

Scallops are our favorite seafood ingredient to cook for date nights. There is minimal preparation, and they cook super quickly. This means less time in the kitchen and more time to spend with your loved one.

Overnight Oats with Seaweed Flakes

A quick and easy breakfast solution for working adults, school kids or anyone who’s looking to start their day with a healthy meal. This recipe does not only help to simplify your morning routine; it is also a great way to increase your daily fibre intake.

Chickpea and Kale Salad with Seaweed Seasoning

Heading back to the office for work? We have a great packed lunch idea for you! This chickpea and kale salad is nutritious, well-balanced, and easy to make. As we know that work can get a bit hectic sometimes and all you need is a fuss-free lunch. As kale salads store better than most delicate leafy vegetable salads, you can prepare this salad the night before and bring it to work the next day.

Caramelised Eggplant with a Seaweed Seasoning

Elevate the subtle flavors of eggplant by caramelizing it over medium-high heat and pairing it with a tangy rice wine vinegar sauce. To add some crunch to it, we highly recommend finishing it off with our Alg Rainbow Seaweed Chickpea Miso and Sesame Seasoning. This is a perfect side dish to serve with a bowl of rice.

Seaweed, Chocolate and Raspberry Bliss Balls

Bliss balls are nutritious bite-sized snacks that are perfect to have on-the-go. These snacks are usually made using whole, raw ingredients that are rich in fibre, protein and unsaturated fats, such as nuts and seeds. With these energy-boosting ingredients, they are great to have as a pre-workout snack.

Japanese Egg Sandwich with Seaweed Flakes

Looking for a quick, easy and delicious sandwich for the kids’ lunchbox? This Japanese egg sandwich recipe is one of the easiest sandwiches in the world to prepare. The filling is rich and creamy, and is a definite winner for the kids to enjoy! Adding seaweed into the egg salad gives it an extra umami and iodine boost!

Vietnamese Salmon Rice Paper Rolls

Most Vietnamese dishes are bright, fresh and full of flavour and this dish is no exception. Traditionally made with prawn or pork, these Salmon Rice Paper Rolls are a delicious way to pack omega-3 fatty acids into your diet! Perfect for lunchboxes or as a snack!!

sourdough crackers with Alg Seaweed

Sourdough Seaweed Thins

Baking sourdough is a weekly ritual in our household but knowing what to do with the discard is always an issue. We recently discovered a delicious cracker recipe from Love & Olive Oil and jumped on it straight away. The key is to use a pasta maker to make it really thin and crispy. We loved it and am now adding all our seaweed products for extra umami and flavour!

Whipped butter with Alg Seaweed

Whipped Seaweed Butter

Enjoy creamy steakhouse quality whipped butter without having to dine into your local steak house. This whipped butter recipe is very easy to prepare at home and can be enjoyed on top of toast, muffins, crumpets or enjoyed with delicious homemade bagels.