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Terms & Conditions


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  6. Unless otherwise shown, all the prices listed on the website are displayed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Delivery Conditions

  1. You agree that the address to which we may deliver is the address you gave for delivery as part of your order or any other address we may subsequently agree to accept as the delivery address. We will not deliver unless all requested delivery details are given when you place your order.
  2. You agree that we may rely on any person who is at the address you gave for delivery, and who takes receipt of your ordered products, as being authorised for that purpose.
  3. All attempts will be made to ship items in original packaging. There may be instances where packaging can be damaged in transit. Minor label and/or packaging scuff is impossible to avoid in every instance, therefore we request that customers have realistic expectations in this regard.

Refund Policy

  1. Alg Seaweed does not offer refunds.  However, it is in our policy to insure all our products above $350 for shipping.  (See cost of shipping)

Delivery Time and Shipping

  1. Alg Seaweed will ship within 24 to 48 hours
  2. We will ship within Australia. International buyer must contact us first directly via email.  Alg Seaweed may not ship to all international countries.
  3. Delivery timeframe will be based on our selected couriers AustPost or Sendle.  Usually, the estimated delivery times are as follows:
    • Melbourne: 1-2 working days
    • Sydney: 1-2 working days
    • Brisbane: 3-4 working days
    • Adelaide: 4-5 working days
    • New Zealand: 6-7 working days

Use of Coupons

Alg Seaweed issues coupons for promotional deals. Issue and use of coupons is completely at the discretion of Alg Seaweed. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, the use of these coupons is limited to a single checkout wherein all conditions stated for the use of the coupon must be met. Unless otherwise stated, only one coupon can be used per order. When coupons expire, Alg Seaweed will not back-date orders to accommodate the use of these coupons. This includes circumstances whereby an order checkout is left incomplete, when the coupon was in fact valid, and then completed afer teh coupon has expired. For coupons applicable to order value, only the cart order value applies and not the total order value including shipping/delivery costs.

Cost of shipping

  • Flat-rate $9.9 across Australia

Within Australia, shipping insurance are inclusive as part of the shipping cost for items above $350 in value.  Additional fees and charges applies for international shipping.

Intellectual property rights

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