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Apr 3, 2020 | Recipes

WFH Survival Guide

It’s Sunday night. Normally, you might be busy getting your work clothes organised, planning the kids’ lunchboxes and maybe diving into a block of chocolate to finish the weekend. Working from home might be a disruption of the normal routine but it’s still good to have some sort of routine and ritual to keep normalcy. Try the following that might help you navigate through this madness.

  • Planning meals rather than eat whatever that’s available in the fridge when hungry. I haven’t stopped doing this since working from home because it makes us feel like we are still in control of something and it’s a good opportunity to do a pantry stock take and use up ingredients that have been sitting in the pantry for years, literally!
  • Move, for physical and mental health’s sake. Luckily we are still allowed to exercise outdoor as long as we practice social distancing. I tried to either take my son out for a walk or put on a 20-minute exercise video. It doesn’t matter if my son crawls all over me, the main point is to get moving. If you need a recommendation, the Fit On app is what I have been using and it’s FREE!
  • Talk to someone who don’t live with you, every day. If this pandemic was to happen 10 years ago, this would be very difficult. I thank Whatspp, FaceTime and Zoom for their existence!
  • Be tolerant of each other. There is a saying in Chinese that goes ‘it’s easy to see someone but it’s hard to live with someone’. Tension might be unavoidable given the situation and the fact that other people who you live with are in your face 24/7. Just take a step back and put everything into perspective.
  • Ask for help. Look after yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out especially when you are feeling isolated and want to talk through things and feelings.

Lastly, we have cleaned up our pantry and found some polenta!! Here’s an easy polenta chips recipe with yuzu mayo hoping to light up your week.

Written by: Sarah Leung